When & how can I register to play?

Registrations open in early January of each year and we keep taking registrations right through until the end of May.


Please bear in mind that the season starts in April, so if you want the full value of your registration fee, you need to register early so you can start playing from the beginning of the season.

The only way to register to play is via the online registration portal and all the details regarding registration can be found on our Registration Page.

When does the season start and finish?

The Winter season officially starts at the beginning of April and the finishes mid / late August of each year.

What age group will I, or my child, play in?

Players play in the age they turn that year.


For example, if your child is playing in the 2021 season, and turns 7 that year, they will play in the Under 7′s. Children who are turning 5 or 6 in that particular year will play in the Under 6′s.

Unfortunately we can not register children 4 years old and under, as our insurance won’t allow for it.

Players can not play below their age group but they can play up to 2 age groups above their own – please contact the club Registrar for further details.

Can I play in the same team as my friends?

We try to keep all the younger children (and Parents) happy by placing the children in teams where they will know other children, however, this is not always possible.

Please bear in mind that if your child ends up in a team where they will have the opportunity to make new friends – THIS IS A GOOD THING – It broadens the child’s horizons and helps them interact, and develop new friendships.

For the older players – If you would like to bring a group of friends and register a complete team, you will need to contact the Club Registrar or President first, as there are a few stipulations that you will need to be made aware of.

What do players need to wear during training and games?

For Safety Reasons – All players must be wearing Shin Pads and ‘Proper’ Football (Soccer) Boots when training and playing a game.

Training – Players can wear whatever they like. Please bear in mind that Shin Pads and ‘Proper’ Soccer Boots are essential.

Playing a Game – Players must wear the Club’s full current playing strip, ie: Jersey, Shorts and Socks along with Shin Pads and ‘Proper’ Football (Soccer) Boots.

Jerseys will be supplied by the Club at no cost to you and will be given to you by your Coach or Manager.

Shin Pads and Soccer Boots: Shin Pads and Football (Soccer) Boots can be purchased from any good sports store, eg: Rebel Sport, Athletes Foot, Paul’s Warehouse, etc.

Other Apparel: You will find that other apparel is available for purchase from the canteen, eg: Jackets, Training shirts, Beanies, Caps, Polo Shirts, Sports Bags, etc. Available items will change from time to time and are subject to availability.

Where and when are games played?

Timetables are still being drawn up for the 2021 Season, sign up to Team App for the most up to date notifications.

Where and when does my team have training?

All teams train on week nights, after school or business hours at Allan & Don Lawrence Oval, Thornton.

For the younger players, the actual day and time of training will depend on the Coach’s availability. All our Coaches and Managers are made up from our Wonderful Parents who volunteer their time, so whenever your particular coach is available to have training, is when your team will train. You will be notified by your Coach or Manager as to what day and time your training will be. If you are interested in becoming a Coach or Manager, please contact the Committee.

Who is my child's Coach and Manager?

The club is run entirely by volunteers and without the help of people like our Coaches and Managers, the Club simply does not function.

Coaches and Managers are normally parents or volunteers from the team, who have volunteered their services to fulfill these very important roles. Very simply, without a Coach and / or Manager, the players will not have a team to play with.

You will be contacted by your Coach or Manager at the beginning of the season who will introduce themselves and let you know about training and how everything will work. Different teams may have slightly different systems depending on the Coach and Managers time and availability.

It’s important to reiterate that your Coach and Manager have voluntarily taken on these roles so that not only their children can play football, but also YOU AND/OR YOUR children can play and have fun. It is only fair to treat them with the utmost courtesy and respect they deserve.

If ever you have any questions or problems, your Coach or Manager should always be your first port of call and if they’re not sure, they will contact the Club’s Committee on your behalf.

If you’d like to become a Coach or Manager please don’t hesitate to contact the Club’s Registrar or President.

Please Note: The appointment of all Coaches and Managers remains at the sole discretion of the Club’s Executive Committee.

Who do I contact when there's bad weather, on training or game days?

If there’s one thing that’s completely out of our control, it’s Mother Nature!

In the case of bad weather on training nights or on game days, keep an eye on the Team App for updates, alternatively the best person to contact is always your Coach or Manager.

They will have been notified by the Club as to whether Don Lawrence Oval has been closed, and they will have the tools available to find out if other parks have been closed on weekends.

Please DO NOT call the Association or the Club’s Committee members, only contact your Coach or Manager.

You will also find some more information of you click on the ‘Wet Weather‘ tab which you’ll find at the top of this page in the navigation menu.

What do I do if I'm sick, or can't make it to training or a game?

We understand that sometimes children get sick or something comes up that’s prevents you from attending training or a game.

Once again, you should always contact your Coach or Manager to let them know as early as possible.

Coaches and Managers often take the time to plan and organise game plays, training drills, positions, etc. and if you can’t make it to a training session or a game without letting them know, that can throw a big spanner in the organisation of the team and make their job so much harder.

PLEASE… don’t leave it until the last minute to let them know, contact them asap to give them as much notice as possible.

After all… It’s just common courtesy anyway!

How can I keep right up to date with what's happening at the club?

The best way to keep right up to date is to download Team App, register for notifications for Thornton JFC. Once you have been assigned a team you will be able to communicate directly with your teammates and receive notification.

Be sure to follow us on facebook. This is where we post the latest news – which also appears on the website in all the “Latest News” sections. One of these sections appears just to Left on this page.


Simply click the “Like” button in the “FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK” section at the bottom of this page.

How can I get more involved with the club?

The club is run entirely by volunteers and without the help of people like you, the Club simply will not function. We all do it for the kids – and the kids at heart!

The best way to get involved in the behind the scenes workings of the Club is simply by attending our monthly meetings. Generally they are held on the first Monday or Tuesday night of each month at the Beresfield Bowling Club.

All Coaches and Managers are notified (via email) as to where and when each meeting will take place and in turn they should forward this information on to you.

Our meetings are open to ALL club members and you’re more than welcome to come – we’d love to see you there!

Are the players insured against injury?

All Players are insured under Football NSW’s insurance policy. For the most up to date information regarding Football NSW’s Accident Support Program please CLICK HERE and you’ll be re-directed to their website.